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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The North End of the Lake

Mamma and I took a final boat ride to mark the end of summer. If the truth be known, it was only our second ride up the lake this year.  We took our cameras along and brought a photo of this site back with us.  And, it goes without saying that that proved to be the genesis for this painting.

It was fun watching this painting evolve. I faced an option when I painted this work - either a big sky or big water. Well, since skies are more interesting because of all the shapes, designs and colours you can work into them,  I opted for the big sky.

Take a close look at the colours in the sky. Can you see the intereplay between the colours of the lakeshore panorma and the sky?  Its not unsual for painters to play back and forth between the earth and the sky.  There's even some green in the sky surrounding the trees.  This isn't as unusual as it may seem, for colours aren't as defined as people would like to believe.  For instance, colours are a wavelength. And, while the wavelength may eminate from the source in a relatively direct path to the eye it isn't as tightly defined as we would like to think.  Most artists play back and forth with colour and scatter it around their works.  

You will note when you observe this work that the central back area of the painting has reflective white in the water of the lake and there are greens from the trees in the right in the water darker blues to the left. This draws our sight towards the distant horizon.

But there's more. Notice the big circular design I have used to give us tunnel vision into the distance.
Lots of fun!

This work is now hangs in a private collection.

16"x20" stretched canvas
location: Belmont Lake, Ontario.,

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Companions in Karina's Garden

I was at odds with myself. I am so accustomed to painting landscapes that my week in Karina's house in Oshawa left me without subject matter. When this happened, I got restless and prowled.

As I stood in Karina's garden, I had an inspirational moment which led to this work.

I was treading on new waters. I'm not at home painting still life. But, as I settled into the job, I discovered the joy of a new challenge.

This painting taught me much about bouncing light. There is an ongoing trade off of values to make it work. Then, when I was almost finished, I had a eureka moment - a flash of creative inspiration.
A quick splash of orange on the rock and among the foliage, gave the painting a delightful lift in colour.

Its a 9"x 12" work and it will find a home one day in someone's kitchen.
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