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Sunday, February 12, 2012

St. Albans Church. Reed's Beach. Barbados, 2012.

This painting is of a local church along the beach where my wife and I hang out.  We met some Canadians on the beach and one thing led to another, and before the Canadians flew back home to Thunder Bay, one of them purchased this work - unfinished.  (Brave soul that she is).

I wanted to get the picture 'right', so I worked on the sky. Mamma (my resident art critiquer), and I had a few conversations about where it was heading.  So, I suggested that she take it to the beach with her after the prospective purchaser went home, and to discuss it with another friend.

A couple of American tourists saw my wife and her friend looking at the painting and they were drawn to take a look at it.  My wife said that one of them said that she would have bought it on the spot......if it were not for the fact that they had spent all their money on the vacation and were heading home the next day.

Strange how it goes. Its either feast or famine when you're a painter.

Free Spirit Barbados 2012

Free Spirit, exemplifies my style of Caribbean painting. Since most Caribbean islands are small, they are deeply influenced by the sea. Land and sea, interact and this means that people interact with the land and sea. Follow the movement from the sky on the left, into the trees, above the boat, into the shadow on the trunk of the tree on the right, down the trunk to the shade. The big circle, ends with the sea.
I have circled the boat and all the action takes place in the centre.

What is the little boy doing on top of the boat? Are the men talking as they work or are they talking to the boy? Go ahead, create your own story.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cane to Morgan Mills Completed in 2012

This scene was taken from the road which leads from Farley Hill down to Morgan Mills Windmill, and to the Atlantic coast below. I worked on it over the span of two visits to Barbados.

Its about 30x36 in size and it looks pretty good hanging on the wall behind our sofa.

$2,000 cd