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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Mount: Atlantic Coast, Barbados 2012

We arrived in Barbados two days ago, and I had no sooner entered our beautiful home away from home and I looked at the wall and thought: "This must be changed."

Strange how it works. Its too easy to fall in love with a work before it's finished. How do you know when its done?  That's easy. Hang it on the wall, lock the door, get on an airplane and return home to Canada and forget about it.  Then when you walk in the room a  year later, it looks like a painting that someone else painted. The first thing I did was pull it down from the wall and complete the job.
Well......its not completely done, for I did it on stretched canvas and still haven't painted its sides, and if you look carefully, you will see that I haven't signed it off.

Let me tell you what I like about this work. Its a scene from the Atlantic coast of Barbados, and I got caught up in the sweep of things. The wind blowing off the ocean, and sweeping up the hill and around the magnificent mount. The picture, like so many of my works, has lots of motion. You can almost imagine the bite of sand and the spray striking your skin.  Notice too how I circled the mount with clouds, and I completed the circle by making rolling hills leading up its side.

I have only been here a couple of days and my imagination is excited with the prospect of another good winter of painting.

24x30 inches

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