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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nature's Roundabout

I finally got around to finishing this work. Funny how it goes. A work often seems to be complete but when it isn't seen for six months, you look at it with new eyes.

This work, as indicated by title began about a year ago (or maybe more) when Lynda and I took a trip out to a small campground along the Bluewater. I knew when I saw it that a painting was about to happen.

This work is an interesting mountain scene. I used long vertical brushstrokes to get the feeling of height. See where the rapids race by the bottom of the cliff? I painted the cliff in reddish hues to add vitality to the forest greens. This is a painters trick. Its a back and forth trade off between relatively complimentary colours. This helps build the power of both colours.

Finally to emphasize the drama of the scene, I painted the sky with parallel  movement and drama as you find in the river below. Lots of fun.


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