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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Island of the Old Women

This unusual watercolour has taught me a valuable lesson about painting.  I have always had a feel for this work.  It is one of those "odd works".  I wanted to somehow capture the loneliness and desolation and coldness of the far north in the winter.  So, as I began painting it, I began to imagine what it would be like for the Cedar Trees to give the general impression that they were somehow human - almost like three old women caught by the grip of winter.

I hung this work in my home and it seems to me that 90% of the viewers have an immediate reaction to it.  Most people don't like it.

But the strength of their reactions intriqued me, and I wondered what there was about this work that created such a strong emotional reaction.  And if it did, was it not reaching inside the viewers at a deeper, subconscious, level.

After some deliberation, I chose this work for the open watercolour class of the local country fair.

When I submitted it for judging, I was surprised at the quality of overall works.  But, once it as entered, I left it to do its job.

True to form, The Island of the Old Women came through with the same reactive force as it had on my wall at home.  Only this time, it caught the attention of the judges and it took a first place ribbon.

Strange how it goes.

I will display each of my prize winning pictures in subsequent postings.

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